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Long a tradition with Udel Bros. Studios, the family portrait continues to be a cornerstone of the photographic business. Whether composed traditionally in the studio or at the client’s home or other ‘special location’, a well crafted ‘Udel’ portrait of one’s family is far more than just a snapshot to show. It’s a place-mark in the time of your family’s journey through life. However, it’s also more. . .

Using theatrical lighting and production techniques, handed down from grandfather to father to son, the photographer at Udel Bros. strives to create an artistic work that is completely original and worthy of viewing for years to come.

Beyond the artistic beauty of such a well constructed photograph is the knowledge that your family’s essence is being imaged by the same photographer that has captured portraits of such greats as Anthony Quinn, George C. Scott, John Malkovich, Charlton Heston, James Garner and others too numerous to list.

Since my grandfather’s beginnings in 1910, followed by my father’s artistic leadership into the 70’s, the Studio has grown with a solid foundation in family work. It is this tradition that we at Udel Bros. so highly value and pursue for our clients . . . our family.

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