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Headshots – Why Every Successful Person Should Have One

  • An executive portrait is a sign of your success.Your success shows itself in many ways. Your position. Your accomplishments. Your appearance. And a fine executive portrait can help you project a successful public image and commemorate your achievements. Most companies wouldn’t think of being without photographs of their products or services, and yet they may neglect photographs of their most important asset – people. Carefully posed, professionally crafted, an executive portrait of you in your business environment will be an excellent visual record of your career and a source of pride to you and your company for years to come.

  • An executive portrait is a tool for business success.Every successful executive should maintain an up-to-date selection of publicity stills. And a crisp, clean, professionally produced executive portrait should always accompany the release of news stories, announcements of speaking engagements, awards, special honors, achievements, promotions, or any other communications to news media outside the company. Because it’s a fact that editors pay more attention to a news item if it has a photograph with it. And careful attention to executive portraits is a clear sign of an organization’s pride in its people!

  • An executive portrait is more than head and shoulders.Over the years, clothing styles and personal appearances change. You look different now than you did a few years ago, and you never looked better! That’s why you should always have a recent executive portrait, one that shows you as up to date in your appearance as your company is in its outlook. And that’s also why you should consider a contemporary executive portrait. No longer just head and shoulders, today’s executive portraits are appropriate in many different variations of style and setting. Full length, formal, informal, in the working environment, in the studio, or in the office – your executive portrait can be a true reflection of you and your work.

  • An executive portrait is no trouble at all.As a successful businessperson, no doubt your working hours are full and perhaps even hectic at times. Busy as you are, your time is at a premium and you might well postpone an executive portrait fearing lost hours or interrupted schedules. But nothing could be farther from the truth. In point of fact, an executive portrait that is scheduled in advance will actually be more convenient than one that is done at the last minute. And don’t worry about disruptions if you decide to have a portrait made in your working environment. This type of portrait can be easily arranged for minimum effect on your time and your work. Make plans now for your executive portrait and you’ll find that it’s “no trouble at all.”

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