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On Set Photography

Whether it’s for a poster or studio publicity, a long standing reputation for “getting the shot” without being “in the way” or even being noticed, is still the hallmark of Udel Bros. Studios’ production stills.

Having worked in motion picture and television production since the 1970’s, there is hardly a department that we are without practical knowledge. With this multitude of training and first hand knowledge of others’ jobs ‘on set’, our photographer can concentrate on getting the shot with the least amount of friction for the production, crew or other crafts people.

In addition to seasoning from years of working with heights and other difficult locations, the broad range of tech knowledge that is brought to ‘set’ by Udel Bros., makes us an asset to any production’s overall safe operation. From the familiarity of condors and speed rail, to the proper use of fall protection, our production experience insures direct, quick and correct positioning to obtain high quality, low-hassle, production stills. In addition to his skills with a still camera, Jimi Udel holds an IATSE Local 80 membership with all the specialized safety training which that entails.

A family business, nearly 100 years old, The Udel Bros. Studios began in the theatre. With that lineage, this 3rd generation, Jimi Udel, continues servicing all branches of the entertainment industry today. The studio is currently enjoying a wide client base with emphasis on film, television, and stage. For the last two seasons, Udel Bros. Studios has performed as the sole photographer for Hollywood’s Open Fist Theatre. Up coming work for the studio includes the photography for two motion picture-based books and the spring season at the Stellar Adler Theatre.

On Set Photo Gallery

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