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Event Photography

Beginning with candid photographs taken at the turn of the 20th century in religious venues, lodges, meeting halls, and political gatherings, the special event photographer’s focus has changed very little to date. Fortunately photographic lighting no longer leaves a black, sooty ash on ceilings, as the flash powder had in my grandfather’s day. The photographer is also no longer limited to one location. Furthermore, as technical innovation has freed up the candid photographer creatively, society’s idea of what should be recorded with a camera has changed as well. Today, clients want everything from birth to bar mitzvah photographed. At Udel Bros. Studios, we are enjoying our 3rd generation of special event reportage. Whether we’re recording events at a social gathering, party, award ceremony, or wedding, our photographers are experienced and highly trained to obtain the perfect image of any special moment without being the center of attention.

Starting with a desire for detail, the photographer from Udel Bros. would approach your special event with a journalistic eye. For example, it’s not uncommon for the studio to spend an entire day with the bride-to-be, as she plans and focuses on her day before the marriage. These photos can be fun, silly, family-oriented, or just plain crazy. The point being, Udel Bros. are there to observe and record moments that go by in a flash, that if photographed, could be re-experienced and appreciated by generations to come!

Event Gallery

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