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Commercial Photography

Product imaging for diverse clients like Nautica Sports Apparel, BMW North America, Cole Hahn Shoes, Red Lobster, and Wilson Sporting Goods (to name a few), requires a studio with imagination, and the ability to present those ideas on film.

The Udel Bros. Studios takes great care in hand picking the best crews to compliment the client’s budget and product image ideas. . .

A seasoned photographer, with a background including stage, music video, television, and motion picture production, (as well as the holder of an IATSE Local 80 card), Jimi Udel’s diversity of experience ensures the successful photographic depiction of your product, business or service. Your photographic choices abound whether “the shot” utilizes the Studio’s experience with cranes, aerials, car mounts, platforms, green screens, or backdrops rigged in impossible places.

Regardless, (if the shot is 200 feet up hanging from the side of a building) or twenty feet underwater, the photographers at Udel Bros. have a plan to make your photographic concept work best for you. From fashion to product tabletop, to automobiles, beaches, and buildings, the diverse group at Udel Bros. will stretch your advertising photo budget farther. No shot too small, no idea too large.

Commercial Gallery

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