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Ed Asner
UDEL brothers studios

Ed Asner


As the owner of a 3rd generation business, I have the historical responsibility to carry forward photographically as my father, uncles and grandfather did since the Studio’s inception in 1910. Their basis for success was exceptional service combined with high quality work, performed with grace and imagination. This too is the style of the present Udel Bros. Studios. Whether providing portrait, commercial or special event reportage, or shooting production stills of the finest actors, directors, and writers, a sense of calm, experienced competence comes with the camera of a Udel Bros. Studio effort.

It is this attitude that allows for a positive, substantial result. With over twenty years in the recent photographic production of motion picture, television and stage, and almost 80 years of studio history from the two previous generations, the photographers at Udel are eminently qualified to perform all your photographic needs. Please give us a ‘shot’ today. Your image is our business.


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